Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cayo Ensenachos, Cuba 2012


sara said...

fantastic pictures! What gear do you shoot with? Which lenses?

PapayaTree said...

Wow, I just published my post and there's a comment already :)

I use my Canon T2i with a Sigma 50mm macro lens. :)

Thank you for your comment and glad you enjoyed the shots, usually I take more but we were having such a great time this year which distracted me away from my camera.

sara said...

The way you use natural light is really amazing. I would love to talk photography and get some tips! Even the pictures on your food blog are fantastic!

I have the Sigma 50mm 1.4 as well (I use a 60D) and I don't feel like I get as many strong results.

Do you use a program to process your photos?

PapayaTree said...

Mine is actually the sigma 2.8, I just checked.

I didn't realize I was talking to you Sara, "the Sara I know in real life" until I saw your blog! :) hehe.

Natural lighting is the only thing I use in my photos, and the lighting in a tropical country really is amazing, it makes everything look great even on rainy days so I attribute the results to great lighting which unfortunately right now we are not having in Canada.

I don't shoot much in winter here for those same reasons, but I can get a few good shots out of next month (hopefully!)

Based on some research about your lens the reason seems to be that you have a 77 mm filter size with a 1:7.4 max magnification.
Mine is the 55 mm filter with a 1:1
I use my lens for shooting just about anything.

Part of the difference is perhaps you're setting your aperture too wide (1.4) or it's just the difference in focus since mine is a macro and can focus at 18 cm.

I use the program that came with the canon (photo pro?) to convert from raw to jpg and lightly enhance them (correcting white blanace/saturation, adding some contrast and so forth)

sara said...

Yes, it's me! I am following your blogs and I really love the way you take photos.

I would like to get a new lens and I totally want to look into that 2.8 Sigma!

Thanks for the suggestion! I just added you on Flickr! :)