Thursday, May 18, 2006

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Happy Land - After weeks of passing by this place I've finally discovered it, rather it discovered me! Happy land is a large two floored supermarket located across the street from Yemen Mall. It's similar to Shumaila Hari in some way, the freezer section wasn't as big as any of the other supermarkets but with regard to other things it carries almost everything. I was told they are pretty well priced and the kitchen section is great!!
They have a La Senza store upstairs (and La Senza girl) run by two asian women, a small furniture section and some nice baby things. Also lots of toys downstairs.
(Note: I don't think they have a vegetable section, though there is a man selling vegetables right ouside)

Tayser Magic Centre - I've only discovered this place two days ago when I revisited the Yemen mall after some time, At first I had no idea what it was, I walked in and there was a woman behind the desk on the right where she seemed to be selling cards and picture frames. Then on the left I noticed a cafe, but most interesting really was the tent at the back right corner opposite to her desk. I asked her was this place new? she said they've been open since about a month now, then she asked me what did I think it was. I looked around and said "a cafe?" she said "well, let me give you a tour" ... she explained it is a cafe, they had baskin robbins ice cream also, in the middle of the room where the two pillars stood were two computers where people can access the internet for free standing up - and some art exibits, picture frames that were for sale, and a childrens area, a music stage with piano and finally my favourite the tent, where she said anyone can come and sit, usually at night it's full and people can talk, discuss and share stories, chit chat and debate while enjoying arabic sweets, coffee and tea.
It sounded really interesting especially since she they have many services like wedding consulting, planning, catering, even realestate services for finding homes and apartments. Pretty cool!!

Sanaa Spices - Located on Zubeiri street across from al Huda, they carry a wide variety of spices, oils, jams, nuts, pickles and other. Also they carry whole wheat flour which I've had a lot of trouble locating here in Sanaa.


Mata'im al-Ard al-Khadraa': (Green Land Restaurant) I've eaten there twice, the setting is nice and if you enter from the back entrance from the smaller street you will walk along a nice pathway. The mens section is downstairs, and the womens and families section is upstairs.
The menu has a nice variety, from yemeni traditional food to italian to lebanese, middle eastern and western "burgers and fries" and the like. Everything is well priced also.
More restaurants to come: Chinese, Egyptian, Iraqi, Indian, Iranian, Lebanese, Jordanian.. I've noticed many restaurants but haven't eaten at any yet, In shaa Allaah in the coming weeks i'll have something to say about some.

Also looking forward to visiting the Aden mall as I've heard alot about it - if anyone has a brief description of it and the stores inside - please do email me or leave me a comment. Thanks!

Update (Dec. 2nd/06): I did manage to visit the Aden mall in May, it was as lovely as ever, large, modern, something like Dubai's malls except not too many shoppers. The flooring is shiney and beautiful, there are two escilators facing you when you enter from the main enterance, many shops are not rented out yet and so the glass is all taped with newspaper however there are enough stores open selling a variety of things that you won't feel anything is missed (except electronics which they definately need)
There are many beautiful women's clothing shops upstairs, one particularly sells traditional looking indoor abayas, I purchased a 16,000 ($80) red and black abayah adorned with gold and turquoise on the chest area just like most of the middle eastern fancy cultural outfits.

There is a nice optical store there as well and I purchased a really nice pair of Persol sunglasses (a slighty older model) but very much to my taste and for an excellent price!!

There is a small cafe upstairs opposite the glasses store, downstairs around the back in the food court are many small stands which offer a variety of western and traditional foods, from mexican, american, yemeni, arabic and other. Baskin Robbins is there as always and a french pastry all the way at the back near the wall which offers tea and coffee (green tea is available upstairs as they told me when I asked for some)
The setting and seating in the cafe is very cute, I loved the tables and chairs, there is a play area at the back as well for children to enjoy themselves.

The city of Aden is very humid, the ocean is pretty but I'm more of a mountain person, Sanaa was perfect for me, even though I stayed in Aden less than 24 hours I've missed Sanaa so much that I nearly cried as I stepped out of the plane once we landed back in Sanaa.


Omar Barsawad said...

I have not been in Sana'a now for almost five years! Your blog is very informative; all I have to do when visiting Sana'a next time is to refer to it for my shopping and outings!

Thanks for passing all this info!

PapayaTree said...

I'm glad you found the posts informative, there is so much more that I hadn't mentioned until I get the names of the streets straight. Yesterday I was going along Hadda road (I think) to re-register my contract with the cellphone company and I came across an iranian, egyptian and another foreign looking restaurant or cafe, also perhaps a european bakery!! More to come inshaa Allaah.